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Bill's Story

8 months ago I couldn’t leave the house. The only thing I would try was the shopping in Sainsbury’s, but I couldn’t go without my son and if it was too busy I would turn on my heels and run. Every day I would wake up and feel sad I was alive.

My anxiety was high on my first day, I was apprehensive but within 10 minutes I had calmed down, I was settling in straight away, I felt at home, like I had found a new family - this was unusual, it was a strange mix of emotions.

Now I am part of the production days I come twice a week, it is essential, I’d be lost without coming here and I would slip back. I have to take each day as it comes but I have not missed a day coming here. The night before I come, I smile, I am happy about the thought of tomorrow.

I have been part of the team screen printing the panels for Gobowen Library. I have so many more skills now. There are 32 panels, with many different elements and with each one I learn new techniques and tricks.

The good thing about here is that it’s not just work for the wall. I am involved in producing work that lots of people will see, I want people to see it, and I feel so proud that I am putting something back in to the community.

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"even if I push myself to come in, I feel I change between the bottom of the stairs and the studio, I feel different – less stressed, happier, I like company"

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"when we’re doing a project that goes out into the world – it gives me more connection"

92% of members say that Designs in Mind has a positive effect on their wellbeing

(8% not sure)

"I was expecting the worst and surprised by everything."

92% of members say that they feel part of a community (8% not sure)

"I am soaking it in, coming out of myself, making friends and not hiding away.."

95% of members say they feel creatively challenged

"sense of purpose goes hand in hand with sense of worth"

84% of members say that Designs in Mind has a positive impact on their confidence

(14% not sure)

"I felt I was a bird in a cage – now I’m released"

78% of members say they have a sense of purpose

(22% not sure)

"I can do things I thought I’d never be able to do"

52% of members say they are involved in decision making, with an additional 42% saying they don’t want to be and/or they know they can be


"it’s a goal; we’re achieving something as a whole organisation"

75% of members think they have learnt something about themselves (25% not sure)

"I don’t feel I’ve got to come here, I feel I want to come here"

Facts and Figures 2018-2019

  • 111 adults referred through mental health services (members)

  • 22 volunteers 4994 volunteer hours

  • 384 studio sessions

  • 8 members of the Executive

  • 18 people starting/ maintaining paid work, volunteering, or education whilst at Designs in Mind

  • 6 moved on to employment

  • 3 moved on to training and education

Our blog shares more stories from members and projects at Designs in Mind. 

"I’ve learnt I’m actually worth more than I ever thought I was"

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