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Aptly named after the heart chakra, Our Anahata Bath Soak transforms your bath into the embodiment of self love - connect to your heart and mindfully honour this time to yourself. 


Containing ingredients of French pink clay, Dried Honey, Coconut milk, Cacao butter and essential oils of Benzoin (Vanilla), Rosewood and Rose Geranium - It turns the bath water into a lightly foaming, soft pink nourishing heaven. Leaving your skin silky, your mind centred and your heart loved. Comes with Ritual water blessing and Rose Quartz crystal in a 250g jar. 


The Ritual: Step 1 - Place your Reiki charged rose quartz crystal into your bath water

Step 2 - Using the accompanied Anahata Ritual Card, follow the steps to complete your water blessing 

Step 3 - Pour ? of the Jar (more/less as required) into the bath whilst the tap is running, swirl and whisk the water until foam and bubbles start to form.


The Mantra: I open my heart to the deepest fullest love. I feel gratitude and warmth for everything around me.

Anahata Bath Soak