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What is a Safe Space?

March 8, 2019

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Shrewsbury Flower 2013



The Plan


In June 2013 we launched a mission on the crowdfunding site Go Fund Me to raise money to get us to the Shrewsbury Flower Show.




We saw this opportunity as a way to…

  • Create more visibility about the work of Designs In Mind

  • Test out new retail products and systems

  • Build an audience for developing retail work

  • Generate income to support the on-going work of Designs In Mind

  • Produce high quality products for a high profile event, providing more opportunities for members of Designs In Mind.


The Making


In just 6 weeks we made 14 mosaic stepping stones and 1 mosaic table to take to the event. What was wonderful to watch in this making time was small teams get together to work on a project, with people taking on different roles of the making process- Design, Nibbling, Setting, Cleaning.