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New Referrals

Wednesday mornings is for New Referrals. Most people are referred to Designs in Mind through Community Mental Health Teams or GP’s.

This group is kept small, about 10 Members. Most Members find walking in to a group unsettling and very daunting. Here they can develop social skills and build confidence whilst learning new art, design and making skills.

When they are ready they will move on to the Tuesday or Thursday group to work on public art commissions and products for retail.

What I love about running the New Referrals group is seeing people slowly opening up and blossom over the weeks, until they feel ready to move on. They support each other emotionally and artistically and some lovely friendships grow.

Studio Co-ordinator

Leading up to my first day here I felt very nervous. Nervous of meeting people and being in a room full of people. I was anxious about messing up or getting things wrong. Once here, I felt nervous but I was happy to get on with what was asked of me. When I got home I was drained, and slept- but my husband was so proud I had actually gone to Designs in Mind.

New Referral

I was very anxious and worried about my first session. I can get so anxious I am unable to cope with groups of people. The staff were very accommodating, aware of my difficulties and had put alternative options in place for me if I could not cope with the large group. Once seated and given a project to work on I became so engrossed in my work I forgot about the large group and started to enjoy my art work.

New Referral

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