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Shrewsbury Flower Show 2015

New products blossoming

The seeds of creative ideas have been sown at Designs in Mind and our new range of retail products are blossoming well, in readiness for our stall in the Craft Tent at the Shrewsbury Flower Show next month, 14th and 15th of August. If you like what you see, seek us out, have a chat, buy a gift or place a bespoke order.

A terrific amount of planning and dedicated work has gone into these amazing products and I think you will agree, just like the flowers at the show, they are beautiful and unique in design.

The list of products is growing:

• Children’s tepee • Bunting – summer and nursery rhymes • Screen-printed bags • Glass lampshades • Jewellery – made from zips and laser-cut wooden brooches and pendants • Pouffe – woven and crocheted dyed string • Glass Bowls • Chicken portraits

Yippee for the tepee

The simplicity of such a wonderful product does not necessarily show the hard work that has been undertaken to get the attention to detail perfect, so that young children can safely enjoy hours of fun and imaginative play. The colourful designs, were based on native American art from drawings by our members. Each tepee section was individually screen printed and machine sewn together.

A product made to last, it’s got to be a yippee for the tepee!

Baby Bunting

Bye, baby Bunting, Daddy’s gone a-hunting, Gone to get a rabbit skin To wrap the baby Bunting in

Inspired by the birth of grandchildren, the group reminisced and came up with a list of favourite rhymes – some old, some new – Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, The Grand Old Duke of York, Five Speckled Frogs, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Using a triangle paper template, individuals encapsulated the essence of their chosen rhyme in a sketch, then with newly acquired paper-cutting skills, skilfully cut out the representation of the rhyme. Scanned into to computer and laser cut, we are able to reproduce a string of 10 rhymes. These are carefully machine sewn onto tape, and the bunting is ready to hang in any baby’s nursery or children’s bedroom.

Highly strung portraits

Haughty hens and confident cockerals crowing for your attention. A gallery of lords and ladies; fabulous feathers fired by imagination.

Drawing with dyed string we have been produced portraits of a brood of chickens. Beautifully framed we hope you will like a portrait with a difference for your home.

Created in the studio, inspired by the deluxe chicken coop being built at New Century Court, as part of the ongoing project working with the young people living there, these portraits are unique and fully of character.

Sky’s the limit …

New for 2015, we have our exclusive ‘sky’ range. Products have been designed with theme of sky in mind. Following a watercolour workshop in the studio in the spring when we experimented with the colours of sky, ideas as well as paint flowed. This inspired our glass lamp shade. Based on the old Victorian crystal chandeliers we have created a bespoke elegantly styled lamp shade. We use recycled glass donated by a local picture framing business. The glass is cleaned, cut into thin strips, laid out in order and using a paper-cut stencil, coloured fritz – powdered glass – the design is placed on the glass. The glass pieces are carefully transferred into the kilned and fired. Once cooled, holes are drilled into the top of each piece, a ring attached, and the coloured glass are then hung on a circular metal frame producing a unique product.

Fascinating Footstools

A pouffe: a large firm cushion used as a low footstool

After the weaving workshop, enthused, we wove many individual strips from dyed string, in a limited range of colours: purples, greys and pinks; blues, oranges and greys. Sewed together to form a band, topped with a crocheted string disc, stretched over an pouffe lacking interest, a unique handcrafted footstool emerged – a new line for our retail collection.

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