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What is a Safe Space?

March 8, 2019

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The Right Ingredients

October 15, 2015

The Right Ingredient’s is more than just a cookbook.

The idea for us to create a cookbook stemmed from the ‘bring and share’ lunches we have in our studio and celebrating peoples birthdays with cake- lots of cake.


The project started back in January and began with everyone bringing in fruits and veggies to draw. We felt a little bit like we were back in school and practising our best still lives.


As everything always does here, the initial drawings and ideas blossomed, turning into collages, embroideries, screen prints and mono prints. We moved from foods to looking at where we live and commute to – Oswestry. Taking inspiration from our local landmarks and incorporating them in to artwork using various techniques and processes. From Oswestry Hill Fort to the Welsh Farmer Statue on Red Square and from Toni and Guys tudor building on the corner to a local pub sign.











This all was going on when I was working away for a few months in London and when I got back I arrived to mountains of artwork and a pile of recipes with the question, right can you make this work? And the question in my head…


What have I signed up for?!

So in to the cupboard I went and it was my home for the following months. I had all this beautiful artwork and I wanted the cookbook to really show it off. I had the editing of pictures to do and playing around with images, taking elements from someones work and layering it with somebody else’s. When I needed to find a background for the text I would nip in to the print studio to photograph the paint mess left on the tables (which are beautiful and so inspiring of how unpredictable mess can be).

It was a long process, lots of toing and froing and towards the deadline I thought it would never end!