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What does adventure mean to you?

We have written a few blogs over the last year about the 'retail adventure' we are on and we have been inspired recently by stories of adventure in Oh Comely magazine. So across the making table this week we have been discussing what adventure means?

“It means excitement, fear, the opportunity for change, to experience something new, perhaps thrilling. There’s a whole universe out there waiting to be discovered – even more exciting, there’s a whole universe inside, waiting to be discovered.

For the first few years trapped in my illness and the adventure was to emerge and start discovering who I am. Working on a textile commission with Annie has been an adventure challenging myself, learning from Annie and learning about myself.”


“Going somewhere you’ve never been. Going to Southport, self-catering, charity shop adventure”

Mike P

Completing my ‘bucket list’ of things to do – Inca trails, Peru, Aurora Borealis. Doing things I wouldn’t normally do.


Excitement and enjoyment, doing something completely different, a fun experience. Happy to get away, have a break.


Danger! I read books by Enid Blyton, there are all adventure, doing things outside of your comfort zone, They frightened but excited me.

It's about testing your boundaries and the feeling of being unsafe. Going away and doing something alone, unknown and discovering something.

For me it was learning to swim – best thing …. pleasurable, sensual. Sense of freedom, extra dimension.


Sometimes it’s a matter of getting downstairs and opening the door. I wand to dance again, to travel without panicking. Cocktails at 65 …….Pina Colada!


Doing/going something/somewhere different. Anticipation / apprehension / bit scared / outdoors / trip to Edinburgh.


Doing something that scares the hell out of me …… something physical or doing something I might fail at, but doing it anyway. The feeling of Arghhhhhh!


Doing something that you’ve always wanted to do. Realising your dream, pushing yourself to the limits and seeing new things.


Stepping into the unknown, and I think it’s also about having a plan but not sticking to it …. Spontaneously doing things …… throw plan in the bin and go with your gut.


The picture at the start of this blog was part of our adventure on the way to completing this finished glass commission for Raven House in Market Drayton:

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