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What is a Safe Space?

March 8, 2019

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Social Enterprise UK Awards 2016



Back in July 2016 we were commissioned by Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) and Fuse Events to make the awards for this years Social Enterprise UK 2016 Awards.


In making the awards it has involved a team of members, (adults referred through mental health services), who have taken the lead in many aspects of how the awards developed. 


Members designed a circular piece which was in ‘the style’ of the SEUK logo. One of these designs was chosen to be on the final awards, and that was the design from Mike.:




Mike was referred to Designs in Mind with a diagnosis of severe anxiety and chronic depression. Here Mike talks about the impact of his latest project...


We were asked to take inspiration from the SE:UK logo and create a circular design that could be used on glass.


We all did a design and then we were going to choose the one that we would put forward to SE:UK for selection. I didn’t think anyone had even noticed mine, they didn’t seem to be talking about it, and there were so many to choose from.


And then, it was mine. My design has been chosen to go on the SE:UK awards this year. I couldn’t believe it. And then they told me, the event was in London and that the awards would be handed out to 13 companies. I can’t even imagine that- something I have made will be in London and given as a prize at such an event. It is unbelievable. I feel great.


It gives me such a sense of satisfaction coming here. Growing up, no-body really noticed me, I was written off. Nothing I did was of any use. Now I come here and I get satisfaction of making things that people want. If it isn’t good enough people work with me to get it right and if it’s good, someone buys it.


If I didn’t come here I would be on my own. I have friends here- people want to talk to me. This is so important in my life. I feel better and more confident because I come here.