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14 day drawing challenge

Picasso's Bright Enticing Sketchbook- An artists daily practice, a studio tour of his mind

Every year our studio closes for 2 weeks over Christmas, but we always find ways to stay creative, connected and supportive.

This year we are taking on ’The 14 Day Drawing Challenge’!

We'd like you to join in. You can begin whenever you like over the holiday period. Choose a sketchbook or loose paper – no pressure, relax and have fun!

Why draw every day?

  • No one knows how to draw before they learn – don’t let that stop you! Just start drawing and don’t stop,

  • Time to pay attention and focus, whilst being active and engaged

  • Help you to 'see'

  • Creative problem solving and decision making

  • Increase confidence- don't throw it away!

  • You will improve

The Drawing Challenges

1 - Your nose with your non-dominant hand 2 - An Insect of your choice - in pen 3 - Yourself in a mirror without taking your pen off the page 4 - Something you have found outside that has grown or is alive - ( eg – leaf, feather) 5 - Choose a body part and draw a repeat pattern of it 6 - Your spirit animal 7 - A cactus or house plant 8 - Something that scares you 9 - Design a sheet of wallpaper using some of the pieces you have done so far as inspiration 10 - Fruit tree 11 - Your favourite jungle animal as a simple line drawing 12 - A caterpillar or a beetle 13 - Your foot or feet or toe holding the pen at the end 14 - Your hand holding something weird

Please share your drawings on our Facebook Page, ‘Designs in Mind’ - we’d love to see them!

And you can still come and say hello...

Our shop ‘Jolt’, will stay open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm. Christmas Eve – 10am – 1pm. We are selling lots of gorgeous stuff and there is space to sit, make and chat. So do come and visit us at 15, Cross Street, Oswestry.

BOARD of Christmas?

Come and play board games in our shop

27th December 2.00-4.30pm

See no Christmas

Hear no Christmas

Speak no Christmas

Come and join us for an antidote to Christmas. There will be lots of games, tea/coffee, cake and company!

#Christmas #OurStory #MentalHealth

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