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The road to recovery

So, I’m trying to write a blog about ‘personnel recovery’. No problem, easy, I’m a writer and word smith. Well this is harder than I thought. Several attempts have been made, over the past few hours.

I suppose the easiest way to explore recovery is knowing its definition. According to the Oxford Dictionary 'recovery' is described as a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. So, regaining ourselves over time with plenty of tlc, not at the pace others think we should be going at, but with the strength and by the means we are capable of at the time. Recovery is a different process for us all and that’s okay.

In my own personal experience, it’s taken me almost 3 years to find confidence again. It used to frustrate me so much...

Why was it taking so long, I should be okay by now.

There are those days when I slide backwards, but they are getting fewer and fewer. I still question myself- what I say and how I act, what do others think- but I’ve had a lifetime of negativity coming my way.

Recovery is knowing you’ve hit the bottom of the bottom, you’ve experienced life and all its shit and now is the time to reach out and climb back up the ladder.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but the realisation of recovery for me, came when others saw the turn around, only then could I acknowledge it in myself.

I love the story of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise taking their time, pacing themselves and winning, leaving hasty Hare behind. Time is indeed a healer.

Here in my journey at Designs in Mind, everyone has helped me understand the value of others and of myself. 3 years ago, I would not have written anything like this, but being encouraged by friends to journal my thoughts and feelings, has led me to become ‘A creative Wordsmith’- my journals have been present along my road to recovery.

Don’t be afraid, recovery is a process not a race, that every single human being experiences somewhere in their lifetime. Take care you, because you are amazing.

Sarah Joy


On February the 11th 2018 we launched a crowdfunding campaign. We want to start a conversation about mental health that is powerful. No more treading on eggshells. We are not invisible, We do not want to be hidden away. Our work in the studio and shop is #SmashingStigma every day, and now we are going to be a little noisier.

Smash It Share It Donate

As part of the campaign we are also looking for more blogs about mental health stigma, so please get in touch if you have a story to share.

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