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#DancingInThePark #MHAW #BodyImage

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme is Body Image.

All of us live with our bodies as they evolve and change. Just as all of us have a role in shaping an inclusive culture where we help others feel comfortable in their own skin. Read more here.

We have been opening up this conversation in the studio - the bodies strengths, wonders, limitations and the close links to mental health.

We have been doing this through dance, movement, play, mark making and we have made a film.

From Tuesday next week, you can watch the film we have made and see the exhibition in our shop JOLT. Here is a sneak preview, but the full version is even better...

After we made the film we wanted to find a way to grab peoples attention, to get people to come to the shop and see the exhibition. So today we have been dancing in the park, however as always we were surprised.... this became less about grabbing attention and more about our shared experience.

We met at the gates to Cae Glas Park at 2.00pm, kitted out with raincoats, headphones and our favourite tracks loaded on to phones.

We danced, we had a silent disco around the park, got lost in our own worlds and let our bodies take over.

'It is nice to come out and not have a care in the world'

'I didn't feel stupid at all'

'I was in such a bad mood before and this has lifted me'

'You can't help but smile'

Music included hits from...

  • Take That

  • Basement Jaxx

  • The Communards

  • Missy Elliot

  • Groove Armada

  • Energy 52

  • Nicki Minaj

  • Jess Glynne

  • Dire Straits

Anything goes- it is your dance, but together we're making it happen!

What would you dance to? Because now we are doing it every week. It made such an impact. We felt free.

Every Wednesday 2pm Cae Glas Park- come and join in.

And if we have grabbed your attention at all.... come and see our exhibition next week, in JOLT the Designs in Mind Shop, 15 Cross Street, Oswestry. Tuesday - Saturday 10-4.

#MentalHealth #MentalHealthStigma #MHAW #smashingstigma #BodyImage #JOLT #DancingInThePark

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