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National Pet Day

Today is National Pet day and I have been inundated with pictures of our members adorable pets.

Here are just a few

Pets are proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and, in many homes, they play a vital role in easing loneliness. Dogs in particular can contribute to cardiovascular health as well as a social side when you are out walking with them.

Studies show that pets can have huge benefits to your mental health, from childhood to old age.

Pets are a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation, often helping us to live mentally healthier lives – sometimes without even realising it. In particular, the regular exercise from walking a dog can be beneficial for people suffering with depression.

Pets also offer company and someone to share the day with, which is incredibly valuable for pet-owners who experience loneliness, particularly in later life.

Petting and playing with your pet reduces stress-related hormones, even after just 5 minutes of interaction. In fact, playing with your pet raises our levels of serotonin and dopamine; these are the hormones that calm and relax the nervous system.

When we smile, laugh or converse with our pets, this helps stimulate the release of ‘happiness hormones.

Posted by Maddy Moore. Good Egg Team and Member

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