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New Referrals - The Creative Studio

The creative studio is open to adults who want to improve their mental health by seeking creative challenge, a sense of purpose and friendship.

Anyone can benefit from being in a creative group, we offer you a sense of purpose and meaning, the chance to build confidence, self esteem and meet people.

"I wasn't prepared for the warmth and kindness I received. The word 'art' and all the scary connotations it brought with it hadn't entered my head yet, but I knew i'd have to let it go and just try." - Virtual studio member

For just three letters, ‘ART’ can be a big, intimidating word. You need no previous experience of making to embark on this creative adventure,

Each week you will be led through a serious of creative exercises to explore drawing, collage, printmaking, embroidery, ceramics and more. The Creative Studio is a place to play, collaborate and learn to love making and creating. It is an opportunity for you to surprise yourself and say “Wow! I made that."

It is possible to live with a mental illness and move on in life especially when the support and belief in you is there. Having a purpose to feel useful and be encouraged to step outside the box once in a while.” -Creative Studio Member

If you are interested in working creatively & being part of a supportive community you can be referred through your GP, Mental Health Services, Drug & Alcohol Services or self-refer to The Creative Studio, email or speak to Stuart on 07410 923 327 for more information

Posted by Maddy Moore, Good Egg Team and Member

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