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Stuart Drums up new referrals for Designs Studio

We know that our Team Member Stuart is a musical fellow, he often plays Guitar in our Monday Singing Group and does the odd Gig here and there too.

I've been to see him play and highly recommend it!

Stuart who is Designs Listen and Connect Facilitator, talents also extend to him drumming up new members to attend our studio.

Stuart's recent visit to a local Job Fayre was a real success.

The event was organised by Carol Marsden, (on the right in the photo) Disability Employment Advisor and formed part of our ongoing partnership work with Jobcentre and Enable.

If you've not heard of Enable they support people into education, training and employment here's their website

From my Lived Experience they also support those pursuing Self Employment, so that their passions work around their Mental Health difficulties & Physical health issues too. It's been a real godsend for me having moved to a new area, alongside taking a year out of working to settle myself.

I meet with Brianna from Enable regularly, this helps accountable to pursue my Self Employed goals, while also keeping my mental health on an even keel.

Brianna guides and signposts me to lots of things available locally, helps me greatly concerning the more difficult parts of running a business, as a one woman band!

This is most useful as my Neurodiverse brain often cannot decipher the legal jargon and figures for my accounts.

Without her and Enable I may have decided to quit before I was establishing myself locally.

The local job fair is a great idea to get local services like Designs in Mind to go along to meet folk, who may need support in getting back into work.

Oftentimes, what's needed before tackling a job prospect, or the thoughts of interviews is a connection and confidence boost ~ Designs is a great springboard for this, as it has been for me in finding my feet and voice here in Oswestry.

All at Designs in Mind are extremely grateful to Stuart for his attendance at the Jobcentre job fair. We are proud of his success in bringing together those folk who need us as a supportive stepping stone.

Stuart said "I attended a job fayre at Oswestry Jobcentre, where I spoke to members public who all had interest in getting involved with Designs in Mind. Some of the people I spoke to wanted to refer to us for support, others wanted to volunteer for the shop, or in the studio.

Our presence helped to raise awareness of our work and was a success. I spoke one-to-one with eight people who want to be involved with Designs in Mind".

Massive Kudos to Stuart for his good work.

If you'd like to attend a Jobcentre Job Fair contact your local Jobcentre to find out more. Our Oswestry Jobcentre is based on Oswald Road.

If your looking for connection and confidence whether to job search in the future or just to aid your Mental Health Recovery journey, contact us at Designs via phone 01691655140 or email us on

Blog Written by Willow Member & Social Media Coordinator

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